Thursday, April 17, 2008

My girl - the hockey player?

Last couple of days have been very busy around here. Megan is going though try-outs for National Camp, practices with her summer hockey team (they have a tournament next weekend) and Prom is this weekend. Poor girl has alot on her plate right now!!! I have been trying to help her out with her busy schedule in any way I can!

I thought I would share a picture of Megan & her boyfriend Taylor. This picture was taken in February before their Snowdaze dance. I can't wait to see how they look all dressed up for Prom!

This second picture is of Megan and her best friend Alex who is also a hockey player. Both girls have National camp try-outs on Saturday before prom! What do you think, do they look like hockey players?
I'll share Prom pictures next week.


Nancy Riley said...

Megan is such a doll !!!! Can't WAIT to see her prom photos! Hope she has a wonderful time!

There's NO way those feminine girls can be hockey players ! ?????

Kelley H; said...

Field hockey or ice hockey??? Your daughter is so beautiful!! and so is her friend!

mochamama said...

Wow, stunning daughter!! These pictures are beautiful, better get them scrapbooked

Jennifer Buck said...

How fun! She's such a cutie...I didn't realize she played hockey! Go girl! :)

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