Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vacation in New York

I thought I would let you know that I have been quite lately because my family is in New York. Some of you may remember that my daugther was trying out for the USA U17 developement camp team in April. Well, she did make the team and we are out in Lake Placid for a week. This place is georgous! We started out our trip in New York city for three days, great place to visit but I don't think I could live there. I couldn't believe how busy it is all the time, now matter where you went there were people everywhere. We are having a great time but I miss not being able to stamp. I will try to share some pictures soon!


Dorothy said...

Your latest entry made me laugh - I am from NY and that is usually what people remember most - people everywhere and how much activity there is all the time - everything is open - late. Anyway, enjoy Lake Placid. We were there a few years ago and yes, it was beautiful. Have a blast! I look forward to details when you get back!

Lisbet said...

I´m just surfing around and looking for some new ideas and projcts.
I came across your side and I think it´s great. Thanks for all inspiration.


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