Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good Mail Day!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday, two cards from fellow blogger's, woo-whooo! I just love this concept, I have received some great ideas and have meet new friends since I have started my blog!

This first card on the left is from Heather Phillips. I checked out her blog after receiving this card and she has some great ideas posted, you can check out her blog by clicking here!

The card on the right came from Nancy Elrick over at Nancy's creative Mess. Don't let the name fool you, Nancy has a great blog and I didn't see any evidence of a mess, lol!

You can check out Nancy's blog by clicking here or it is also located on my blog roll.
Thanks Ladies!!!!

I hope to post a new Pick a Petal card that I am working on a little later this afternoon, I am waiting for the UPS man to bring me some new ribbon so I can complete my card!!!

Thanks for stopping by Today!


Nancy said...

Glad it arrived Dianne!

Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Great cards, Diane! Lucky you!

Jana Emmert said...

What fun to receive in the mail!
You've been tagged!

Jennifer Nellenback said...

I have tagged you so if you would like to play, head on over to my blog for more details!


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